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mercredi 14 janvier 2004, par benka


This is an open invitation, to all individuals and groups converging on Mumbai for WSF 2004, to come and participate in the RRG space (Rede de Resistencia Global) within the 4th Intercontinental Youth Camp. For the second year, IYC will be witness to the creation of a Global Resistance Network.

Set up during the third intercontinental Youth Camp in Porto Alegre, in 2003, the RRG is an _expression of the political project of a group of activists from all over the world who perceived the need to share their struggles and their knowledge in tackling the issues at stake in the present globalising world.

Actors of what we like to call a New Political Generation, the members of the RRG set up in Porto Alegre a twofold objective for their future actions. On one hand a detailed global agenda has been set up in order to join forces during extraordinarily topic moments in world politics :. The outstanding dates of this agenda were :

· the 15th of February when the bigest demostration of all time against the war in Iraq has seen tens of millions of people marching for peace in every corner of the planet ;

· the Date without Date (the day of the beginnning of the invasion of Iraq) ;

· the days in Cancun, when activists of the RRG joined the protests against the WTO and in Miami when they exposed the imperial project behind the FTAA (ALCA).

The second obejective of the RRG as it was envisioned in Porto Alegre is related to the "continuity" of the exciting experience of the Intercontinental camps. The camp was about to move to India in an adventure that promised to enrich further the wide scope of the RRG and the desire to contribute to the new process.

In the year of preparation of the first Youth Camp to take place outside Brasil, other key experiences have been put up in the spirit of the Intercontinental Youth Camps : the first Youth Camp in Quebec and the anti G8 camp in Evian where the experiences of self management of cosmopolitan cities of cities have been experienced . It is in this spirit that the 4th Intercontinental Youth Camp will take place in Mumbai 16th to the 21st of January.

Once again, we are hoping that the RRG space will facilitate the alliance of youth from all over the world and consolidate their resistance struggles. The aim is to reach out to as many likeminded youth as possible to become part of this network.

The shift in location from Brasil to India is due to the fact that the IYC must reach and involve the greater part of humanity living in the regions of Asia and Africa. As a result of the vast distances to travel, participation from these two regions in the three previous Youth Camps has been less than desirable. India with its cultural, linguistic, agro-climatic and demographic plurality provides an excellent setting and accessibility for this world event, as well as for RRG to expand.

The 4th edition of the Intercontinental Youth Camp will be set up on the grounds of the Don Bosco High School, in the district of Matunga, Mumbai. In continuity with the tradition of solidarity brought forth in the previous editions, IYC 2004 will be a space for youth to express their concerns and struggles .

Accomodation has been built for 6 000 people and the camp will host as many as 10 000 people from all over India and from abroad. Participants will come from various cultural and political backgrounds : worker, dalit, student and women’s movements.

A space will be dedicated to the RRG for the duration of the camp.

Several activities are being planned as part of/within the RRG space. There will be open meetings every day, as well as planned activities and workshops on several issues related to youth and alliance building. A more detailed program will be defined during the meeting to be held before the beginning of the activities of the IYC 2004. The welcoming meeting will occur on January 15th at 8 pm at the RRG space in IYC.

In this spirit, we are calling for a wide participation of concerned youth from all over the world coming to Mumbai.

Come be a part of global resistance.

Solidarity, responsibility, Peace

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