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Kukuriku 2004 Environmental Consciousness as an Attitude towards Life

jeudi 1er juillet 2004, par benka

voici le texte d’annonce du camp qui m’a décidé à participer.

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Kukuriku 2004 Environmental Consciousness as an Attitude towards Life,11-21 July 2004, Hungary

Dear KUKURIKU 2004 participants !

The date of your arrival is coming up. Are you getting ready to pack your stuff and come ?!

You can find some important information below.

ZOFI is going to arrange medical insurance for all the participants of the camp, so that your health is also taken care of :)) ! ZOFI covers the costs of the insurance. All we ask from you is to send your passport numbers and your full name as it appears in your passports as soon as you receive this mail.

For the travel reimbursement we will need the photocopies of your two-way tickets, so please bring it with you.

Here are some instructions about how to get to Kesztolc, the camp site from Budapest : 1. One option is to come by train from Nyugati train station. At the station you buy a ticket to Leányvár. From the station Leányvár it is 6 kms walk to the site. 2. Another option is to come by bus from Árpád hid bus station, where you buy a ticket to Kesztölci elágazás. You take any bus towards Dorog or Esztergom, you get off at the station Kesztölci elágazás, from there it is 4 kms walk.(Kesztölci elágazás is the next station after Leányvár)

About travelling within Budapest : both Nyugati and Árpád hid are stations on the Blue metro line. When you use a bus, a metro, or tram in Budapest, you have to punch a ticket. You can by tickets at the entrance of the metros, or from vending machines on the streets.

The six or four km walk to Kesztolc from the station would be difficult to explain, so somebody of us just will sit and wait there for you. Anna Fazekas also offered, that she can meet some people at Budapest to make it easier for you to find the place. The address of the site is : Kesztolc, Iskola utca 44.

In any case please let us know when and where you arrive to Budapest !

Here are some mobile numbers in case you are lost on the way or need some information : Anna Fazekas (+36) 70 291 3050, from within Hungary : 06 70 291 3050 Gergely Barna (+36) 20 515 7197, from within Hungary : 06 20 515 7197 Please send sms to these numbers, or call them from within Hungary, it is too expensive for us if you call from abroad. Here is a landline phone number, it is the number of a nearby house in Kesztolc, you can find us there a few days before the event : (+36) 33 484035, from within Hungary : 06 33 484035. This number can be called from abroad too.

The ZOFI team is going to move from our main location, Budapest, to Kesztolc for the preparations of the site around the 5th of July. We prepare the infrastructure, build the three big tents you are going to be accomodated in, construct the tipi for community purposes (it is a kind of a native american tent, very nice, one can make fire inside), prepare the eco toilet and shower, prepare workshop sites, etc. A French participant, Sebastian is coming on the 5th of July to help with preparations. If any of you has the impulse to come and help us, please let us know, we welcome working hands.

About the camp facilities : be prepared for modest conditions. For example, the eco-shower we are planning to build will be based on some kind of bucket system, where one can wash him or herself with cold water. We cannot provide beds, so please don’t forget to bring sleeping mats and sleeping bags. We ask you to avoid chemicals as much as possible at the camp and cut the links you have with the Internet for those 10 days.

Tracy, our super chef will be in charge of the kitchen. She expects your help in cooking and washing up. Please bring with you plates and mug and spoon etc. for your own use. By the way, we are still waiting for the list of ingredients for the dinner presenting your national cuisine !

I send you below a program plan. We are still working on the agenda of the camp, nevertheless I send you this sketch so that you have some kind of general idea about what is going to happen.

As you see, 11th of July is the day of arrival, 21st is the day of departure, and we have nine full program days.

On the open day there will be opportunity to try other workshops too, not only the one you have registered for. The mysterious Green Café is going to be coordinated by you ! - please think about games and activities that we can do all together. It should be something truly interactive where everybody is getting involved !

The performance in the village is a way to present what we have done, and also an attempt to involve Kesztölc locals into Kukuriku. We hope to find other ways to have some interaction with the villagers.

That is all that I have in my mind right now. See you soon ! Kukuriku, Edit Jagodics

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