I sometimes wonder where politicians, the judicial system and the common people stand in term of fairness. Aren’t the politicians supposed to be the Voice of the common people? If so isn’t the Judiciary supposed to be more sensitive to needs of the common people? By common people I mean those who care for survival more than money or cars. Where exactly do we common people stand in this world?

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The Bhopal Gas tragedy (1984) is the classic example for understanding the term “fairness” or “justice” since they’ve been denied it for years. Though rather blatant were we about the money swindled (if there was any) from the victims, I believe there are still second-generation victims who continue to suffer while Mr. Anderson (Former CEO of Union Carbide) who though absconding lives a luxurious life in New York. Mr. Warren Andersen faces charges of culpable homicide for deaths of 20000 and more people since.

Justice is yet to come, and so is the compensation. Those 1,20,000 survivors of Bhopal could hardly survive on the court orders that the High Court put up. Back then it was a jublious moment of course, The Courts had ordered compensation. As of today to many it is just a fleeting memory of unkept promises.

With the latest High court orders from the Madhya Pradesh Government to send 350 tonnes of the toxic waste (which till date is in Bhopal) to Gujarat, it seems like a perfect end to this horror of a situation. Though god forbid the US has any say in it, let the US authorities be safe and feel as less obligated as they can while we burn and have ages of biological and mental repercussions faced by people who care nothing more than their own survival.

While various NGOs in India continue to oppose the decision of the High Court citing:

  1. Backlog of 7000 tonnes of our own waste to be incinerated in the Gujarat Ankaleshwar site, the High court in complete disregard for the people, NGOs and justice give out arbitrary orders.
  2. Dangerous working conditions as found by GTZ GmBH, international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations. It was also found that the incineration sites mentioned by the High Court of India are ill equipped to handle the highly toxic waste.

We still believe the state of Gujarat should find a solution to the waste forgotten by the traitorous company to clean up.

The question is what is stopping the US from:

  1. Keeping upon its extradition policy and handing over Andersen to the Indian Government. We seem to coming harsh on terrorism these days.
  2. Handing back the toxic waste, which has been left since to Union Carbide or Dow chemicals.

Isn’t that Fair? This brings me back to where I started… what is fair? What is justice?

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